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We wanted to create a diverse catalog of content in order to develop a new aesthetic direction for Pure Maple Water. We also wanted to develop promotional strategies which leveraged analytics to create 'smart' campaigns. Creating a website in 2021 means developing different website aesthetics tailored to the customer. 

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Website Design


The final site combined a WIX landing site with the e-commerce of Shopify. This allowed us to leverage our design experience and create a unique site that sticks out from the average Shopify Template Site. We worked hard to open our brand to as many customers as possible while still having consistent and recognizable branding.

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We offered followers more functional and "eye-catching" posts. We've run a number of different campaigns in order to experiment with different audiences: Wellness, Sports, Green, Health, Minimalist, Did You Know, and Urban.

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Social Media

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Hot Tires

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The client wanted work that was playful and energetic, and what fits the bill more than a mascot? Having creative control over this process, it was fulfilling to see the components come to life while conveying that sense of friendliness with our personified hardware pals. 


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Saurus in 2020 was commissioned to design and develop a web application which would permit the booking of services online through our own custom interface. By leveraging outside coding in combination with our own coding resources, the result was a custom booking platform.

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What is Privacy

Online privacy is a vast and complex issue, data and the techno-sphere is exponentially becoming a center point of everyday life. The hard part is taking the time to understand it. The initial approach that we took to the collage style for the animation was smooth cutouts using the magic wand, to add a familiar and friendly aesthetic to the presentation.

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With undertones of digital dreams, this explores how virtual reality and artificial intelligence have been enhanced to a point of no return. This post-apocalyptic short film aims to put into question the ways in which we are neglecting our planet while blindly investing in new technologies.

Moonfall, directed by our in-house cinematographer, has been nominated in film festivals internationally and has won awards including Best Sci-Fi Short Film at the Toronto Alternative Film Festival. 

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Digital Moment

Since the launch of Digital Moment in 2022, our lead video director has produced over a dozen videos for the tech-education organization, including their launch video. Some of these projects consist of exterior video mapping events at the Notman House, interviews held at Google’s offices in downtown Montréal, AI workshops at the indigenous Fablab Onaki in Ottawa, and more.

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Having an easy-to-navigate experience made sure that their customers would have a similar experience to shopping in person. We took special care with photographing the products as their value needs to be communicated visually. The color pallet that we chose for this closely resembles the general aesthetic of the shop their customers love.

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The Track


Track App allows users to understand and manage their privacy settings and take back control of their online privacy. Everyone needs to be in charge of their personal data. That’s why we decided to make the UI / UX experience as simple for our users as possible.

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Rad Hourani Museum

The Rad Hourani Museum was a project led by Rad Hourani. The role of 3D Asset Library Manager in practice meant creating a museum in 3D using blender, populating it with 3D artworks and most importantly developing using Three.JS a navigation system to "walk through" the virtual museum. Through hands on collaboration session we were able to deliver a high quality virtual museum experience.

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Poster Work

For the gallery show Nth Space: distributed presence, our designers took on the challenge to create a consistent aesthetic for the multimedia collective comprising up to twenty artists. We dealt with translating the group’s collective vision into a uniform infographic code. This experience has revealed my own. Through this experience, we strengthened our passion for the interweaving of ideas through design.

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